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Marc Mauro was made from the heavens and brought to the earth to grace all generations with his art, whether it be digitally, or designed from the paper to the computer or to live filming in back of a camera. The man stops to no extent to show professionalism, courtesy and individual to team success. He brings his love, his heart and his smarts to whatever he does. He believes in his originality to speak for itself, when a man of his stature comes to shoot or produces a film, remember he only keeps his edge from what is thought from his mind to still frame to multiple camera shots by keeping things fresh and original from his own personal thoughts.

Marc however at mist all the deep inner creative juices, is a people person, someone who loves to conversate with all and someone who will work on any creative project, and who will create for them how they see themselves, because that’s just who he is. 


He started his artwork and learning all the way from grammar school being taught by many talented artists, he learned chalk and free-hand stencil design as he developed into an artist, he took on the strenuous art of airbrushing all the way to becoming an art teacher himself. But nothing became more personal to the man than filming and photography, ever since a young boy he was always one to study movies and walk though art museums and learn. Movies where it for Marc, almost like a dream to be or a dream coming to be. But photography on the other hand has always been a very close and personal subject to him in a different light, he feels it is the way we see life from still frame to still frame. It expresses an opinion of inner beauty as well as outer beauty. It imposes ideas and transforms them the way another person views it. He also feels that his work in photography are basically one shot of films, something of a nature of a movie all captured in once picture.

Whenever Marc is working in any area of visual temptation, it is always important to effectively communicate with a person or client, to ensure their vision to reality whether movie set or photography shoot. Marc is not only original but he combines creativity and technology together to make a perfect mix that is far from ordinary.


"Without Art.. There is no life."

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